Gambling or gaming is an old-fashioned game but with the emergence of the Internet, it has acquired huge business benefits from business. It is steadily expanding globally and requires gaming merchant account to handle their accounts. It is global and borderless business that require customized gaming account because it faces lots if global and local regulatory challenges. Our company provides the business with robust and flexible payment, a secure solution that helps other merchants to succeed. Our company works with adherence and fulfillment to international and local regulations that ensure the secure environment for gambling business.

Our company's experienced experts provide you with the great tools�that help in increase in conversion rates and help in reducing fraud. Our company focuses on other features also:

rightIncrease conversion ration and market reach that allows all the major cards and alternative solutions
rightReal-time monitoring of gaming merchant account and guaranteed uptime
rightWith our gaming merchant account, you can do different currencies settlement
rightWe have fraud scrubbing technique and technology system
rightWe provide full chargeback protection and reveal you with the fraudulent chargeback and cost
rightWe provide the customized solution to meet all the business needs
rightWe give cost effective solutions regarding gaming merchant account
rightWe offer instant deposit and payout to multiple accounts
rightWe have industry experts who are specialized in business development management and account managers

rightWe ensure the up-to-date, efficient, and secure payment model

Why You Need Our Gambling Merchant Account?
Online gambling is considered as a high-risk business because of unregulated nature of transactions and potential for high volume chargeback. With respect to the UK's regulations, our company has to comply with the complex rules and laws, which governs gambling business.

Our company's site is accessed from any part of the world that need to deal with multiple sets of currencies and laws. Because of this complexity, most of the sponsored banks do not accept online gambling companies as their business clients.

Moreover, to the legal and regulatory concern, many credit card sponsors and banks do not accept online gambling companies for their potential client because there are high-risk and chargebacks.

Many casinos regularly process large tickets, and often move the significant volume, if a casino decided to indulge in a fraud activity, and a significant number of gaming customers initiated their cashback, the gaming merchant account bank will face a liability of that cash back.

Why Us?
We are a partner with various banks and working with acquiring banks

Our manager give the instant profound support on every step when gaming merchant account receives money

Our business provides both casino and gaming merchant account for an online payment solution.

The key benefit of having out gaming merchant account possibility to payout to you on the same card from which you used to pay. We promise to pay back to the customers and bear company's liability.

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Radiant Pay is a London based agency, offering payment solutions and consulting to online merchants and eCommerce enterprises across all 'legal' industries. Armed with a decade worth of valuable experience in working with Global Clients and knowing the Ins-&-Outs of the Payment Processing Business, today, Radiant Pay is easily one of the leading solutions providers in the UK, European and Asian countries.We believe in staying ahead of the curve by staying abreast with technological advancements, legal frameworks and changing dynamics of businesses Worldwide. This outlook has helped us diversify our offerings to latest payment processing solutions and updated secure transaction methods. Our Clientele is not restricted to the size of enterprises, risk status or quantum of transactions. Our experts can deliver customised solutions for every type of Client and his eBusiness!

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