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Why Us?
When one talks about high-risk transactions in the capital markets, Forex is amongst the top contenders. It is essentially a financial instrument that's linked with Risk. If you go by experiences of Merchants, they are often stuck in unfair situations where they have to pay huge sums in advance to realise profits.

Forex Servicing Industry is categorised as 'High-Risk' by Banks who issue them Merchant Accounts for Payment Processing. This is mostly due to the high volumes of transactions, chargebacks, frauds and highly regulated legal framework. Radiant Pay understands how unfair the economic & legal framework is to your business and offers credit card processing solutions that help save the hard-earned money.

Periodic Currency Transactions
Brokerage Transactions
Currency Conversions From International Operations

If you are a licensed Forex Merchant, you can easily get a Forex Merchant Account in the jurisdiction of your operations with Radiant Pay. All you need to do is to call us on (+44) 20 32862655 to discuss your Business's Payment Processing requirements and avail hassle-free, secure and cost-effective solutions, that'll work perfectly for you.

We are experts in setting up Forex Merchant Accounts that gives great benefits to Stock Brokers.

We are experts in setting up Forex Merchant Accounts that gives great benefits to Stock Brokers.

br/> We, at Radiant Pay, not only offer customised solutions for your industry-specific needs but also ensure continued support for your Merchant Accounts. We offer a gamut of solutions like Online Banking, Credit Card Processing, ACH & Cheque Processing, Voucher Transaction Processing, Mobile Payments, Cryptocurrency Payments and Offshore Merchant Accounts.

With some of the lowest taxes in the space, Radiant Pay brings to you risk management solutions to grow your Forex business the way you want and it is alljust a few steps away:
Personalised consultation to assess the current status of business requirements
Fill up a form
Secure a new merchant account after assessment
Access management services for your account

What Is Up On Offer?
Access to tools that easily drive sales and make profits
Sustainable conversion rates
Low transaction fees
Uncompromised revenues
No volume caps on transactions
Payment gateway integration
24x7 Client Support
Multi-currency processing

Radiant Pay has been a great facilitator in the Payments Processing space for many years now and has been successfully offering customised solutions for a plethora of industries and businesses around the World.
Whatever be the risk-level of your business, we have a solution for you!

Wide spectrum of payment options: Credit cards, ACH & online banking Direct Merchant Account with Payment Gateway PCI DSS
Direct Merchant Account with Payment Gateway PCI DSS Get Pre-approvals In 48 hours
Comprehensive Risk Management & Set-Up Assistances Get LIVE In Just Few Days
Payment Processing In Over 160 Currencies For Small To Large Online Businesses

With Merchant Accounts to suit the needs of new and established businesses alike, the expert assistance at Radiant Pay offers great leverage to your business:
Established partnerships with the best banks in the World
Incessant support
Guidance at every stage of the Merchant Account setting process
Economical prices and convenient payment schedules
Customisable solutions based on your business volumes
Seamless transition and quick payouts
Continued sole access to funds for full control of your payments
The best safety controls on your Account

For quick approvals and instant integration, you must fulfil the following prerequisites:
Maintain the paperwork for licensing of your forex
Maintain a good Credit Scores
Maintain legal work with all the disclosures

Drop all your worries about security breaches or exorbitant charges, and begin accessing profits as soon as your Forex Merchant Account with Radiant Pay is functional.

All you need to do is to get clearance from our Process Evaluators and we will set-up your payment environment in no time!
Submit your requirements in the form and speed track your approval!
Or contact our representatives on (+44) 20 32862655 for enquiries.

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Merchant Account
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High Risk Processing
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Radiant Pay is a London based agency, offering payment solutions and consulting to online merchants and eCommerce enterprises across all 'legal' industries. Armed with a decade worth of valuable experience in working with Global Clients and knowing the Ins-&-Outs of the Payment Processing Business, today, Radiant Pay is easily one of the leading solutions providers in the UK, European and Asian countries.We believe in staying ahead of the curve by staying abreast with technological advancements, legal frameworks and changing dynamics of businesses Worldwide. This outlook has helped us diversify our offerings to latest payment processing solutions and updated secure transaction methods. Our Clientele is not restricted to the size of enterprises, risk status or quantum of transactions. Our experts can deliver customised solutions for every type of Client and his eBusiness!

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