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Online Dating Industry is categorised as a 'High-Risk' business by Banks who issue Merchant Accounts for Payment Processing. This is mostly due to the high volumes of transactions, chargebacks, frauds and highly regulated legal framework.

So, it is important to find a Merchant Account service provider who understands the complete dynamics of the industry, its compliance regulations, legal aspects, disputes, and frauds.

If you are running a membership-based or subscription-based online dating service and are looking for a reliable Payment Solutions Provider, you have landed at the right place! We, at Radiant Pay, not only offer customised solutions for your industry-specific needs but also ensure continued support for your Merchant Accounts. We offer a gamut of solutions like Online Banking, Credit Card Processing, ACH & Cheque Processing, Voucher Transaction Processing, Mobile Payments, Cryptocurrency Payments and Offshore Merchant Accounts.

What are you waiting for? Call us NOW on (+44) 20 32862655 to discuss your Business's Payment Processing requirements and avail hassle-free, secure and costeffective solutions, that'll work just perfectly for you.

Accept Credit Card Payments On Your Dating Website
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We understand the multitude of challenges you face while dealing with high transaction volumes, especially considering the flexible online payment options you offer to your Customers like one-time membership payment or instalment-based payment (EMIs on credit cards).

Assets & Offerings:

Radiant Pay combines the expertise, experience and market understanding to offer you a hassle-free experience while finding the best Merchant Account solution for online dating business.

You will fall in love with how the high risks of your business seamlessly convert to high profits!

  • Option to accept payments through multiple channels with a wide range of alternative payment methods
  • Ease of expansion to Global markets with savings on conversion rates and Payment Support to nearly 200 currencies
  • A cushion against frauds with Fraud Prevention Tools for a comprehensive business-specific Risk screening process
  • 24x7 Post-Sale Service from experts
  • A vast network of Domestic & International Partner-Banks
  • Assurance of best price quotes on your Merchant Account

With Radiant Pay's Merchant Account Solutions, it is very simple to match your goals with actual earnings.


We employ the best technology and customer support to give you the best that your business deserves.

The RadiantPay Advantage

Radiant Pay has just the right mix of merchant account features to cover your enterprise's Low, Medium or High risk levels and help your profits flow seamlessly.

 Wide spectrum of payment options: Credit cards, ACH & online banking  Direct Merchant Account with Payment Gateway PCI DSS  Comprehensive Risk Management & Set-Up Assistances  Payment Processing In Over 160 Currencies
 Secure & Confidential Get Pre-approvals In 48 hours  For Small To Large Online Businesses  Get LIVE In Just Few Days

We set up your payment environment almost instantly and help you handle concerns like:

  • Payments and disputes settlement.
  • A well-designed merchant payment plan that outlines when you receive your payments so that you do not keep waiting for your payments to come through
  • Easy computation of Debits in case of cash back, etc.
  • Easy reconciliation of your Bank statements
  • Online merchant services with round-the-clock access to your account
  • Mobile alerts to know about payment releases
  • Payment processing across the globe and through numerous payment channels
  • Protection against frauds and chargebacks

The Value Adds:

  • Low rates starting at just 1%
  • Easy profit settlements right in your account
  • PCI Level1 Compliance, so your data stays safes
  • Easy Transaction Tracking
  • Half-Day Solution Integration

What sets Radiant Pay apart from the other Merchant Account Facilitators is that we excel in making Online Dating easy and profitable by offering payment solutions that are highly customised and scalable. Our team of experts can help your business qualify for credit card acceptance from a vast pool of offshore banking partners at a convenient charge.

All you need to do is to get clearance from our Process Evaluators and we will set-up your payment environment in no time!


Submit your requirements in the form and speed track your approval! Or contact our representatives on (+44) 20 32862655 for enquiries.
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