If you are casino owner and running an online casino gaming business, obtaining a reliable credit card processing bank that allows you to accept all major currencies in payment is not an easy task. Some banks reject the application because there is a risk of high card rejection rate, no reliable reporting, and weekly payout. Hence, our casino merchant account is for those businesses that have high-risk of payments. We are the payment partners of the casino business that finds the payment on the difficulty.

Why Us?
There is a very little option for the casino business that maintains the chargeback rate under 4%. Our company's casino merchant account can handle both high-volume, high-velocity, and high-ticket casinos. Moreover, we are specially tailored to give the specific services to the company's specific need.
Our casino merchant account tends to offer great possibilities for tax revenue and returns. Most casino merchant account providers have become doubtful towards the casino/gambling accounts as they are set to the high-risk and capable of posing problems later due to high-volume sales, refunds, frauds, and chargeback.

Our Services Are Different From Others
Unlike other companies, we only charge a reasonable price for casino merchant accounts. We know the importance of your casino business that is why we offer the high-risk offshore casino merchant account for gambling, adult, travel, pharmacy, and other business. Our offered solutions to other companies are:

Our company specialization is in providing best merchant account facilities to our local as well as offshore customers with high-risk management. Our payment gateway provides the user with the virtual terminal that act as terminal for multiple users and merchants.

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Radiant Pay is a London based agency, offering payment solutions and consulting to online merchants and eCommerce enterprises across all 'legal' industries. Armed with a decade worth of valuable experience in working with Global Clients and knowing the Ins-&-Outs of the Payment Processing Business, today, Radiant Pay is easily one of the leading solutions providers in the UK, European and Asian countries.We believe in staying ahead of the curve by staying abreast with technological advancements, legal frameworks and changing dynamics of businesses Worldwide. This outlook has helped us diversify our offerings to latest payment processing solutions and updated secure transaction methods. Our Clientele is not restricted to the size of enterprises, risk status or quantum of transactions. Our experts can deliver customised solutions for every type of Client and his eBusiness!

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