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Going by the growth trends in the Adult Industry's ecosystem, there has been a conspicuous surge over the last few years, especially in the European markets. Many new lucrative opportunities have opened up for online Adult business owners like adult eStores, pornographic websites, dating sites, adult novelty e-marketplaces and much more. Even the brick-&-mortar adult businesses like strip clubs and massage boutiques have been booming since the establishments have started offering online payment options to their Clients.

These enterprises are classified under the High-Risk Category (in banking terms) as they involve a lot of compliance regulations, legalities, chargebacks, fraudulent transactions and disputes. This makes it all the more difficult for Adult Business Owners to find right Merchant Account service providers who understand the Adult industry and its manoeuvrings.

If you are running a legally compliant online Adult business and finding it hard to secure a merchant account, you can talk to our representatives on (+44) 20 32862655 for discussing your options.

We provide flexible payment solutions to help your Adult Online Business process high volume of transactions, instantly!

Radiant Pay has just the right mix of merchant account features to cover your enterprise's high risk levels and help your profits flow seamlessly.

Any legally established Adult business offering memberships, services or products online are eligible to apply for a Merchant Account. Online Adult Websites

rightAdult Novelties
rightDating Websites
rightLingerie eStores
rightAdult books e-shop
rightAdult Clothing Stores
rightSex Chat Lines
rightStrip Clubs
rightAdult books e-shop
rightEscort Services
rightMassage & Sauna Boutiques

What sets Radiant Pay apart from the other Merchant Account facilitators is that we are high-risk payments solution providers with extensive experience in supporting 'hard-to-place' merchants. Our customised and scalable solutions can help your business qualify for credit card acceptance from a vast pool of offshore banking partners at a convenient charge.
All you need to do is to get clearance from our Process Evaluators and we will set-up your payment environment in no time!

Easy Steps To Securing Your Adult Merchant Account With Radiant Pay:

rightFill in the application
rightReceive a copy of your application with our Service Quotation
rightSubmit proof-of-identity and other financial documents
rightYour application reviewed by our Process Evaluators / Underwriting Team
rightReceive approvals
rightPayment gateway is setup and/or payment equipment is shipped, as required

The ease of the application process at Radiant Pay is one of our USPs. We also offer the following value additions to our Adult Merchant Account services:

rightChargeback management software configuration
rightSetup chargeback alerts
rightFraud filter in case of online payments
rightImpeccable consumer support and user-friendly approach
Switch to Radiantay for availing superior benefits!

Most new Adult businesses are restricted by a cap on monthly credit card amount by their merchant account partner. Radiant Pay reviews operations every 3-6 months to help increase your credit limit and scale up your revenues! For this, we look into your chargeback levels, regularity of bill payments, balance statement, etc., before approving the limit enhancement request.

For quick approvals, ensure your business has the following pre-requisites:
rightFlawless legal work with proper disclosures
rightGood credit scores for risk assessment
rightGreat website with all specifics in place (privacy policy, refund policies , etc.)
Submit your requirements in the form and speed track your approval! Or contact our representatives on (+44) 20 32862655 for enquiries.

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Radiant Pay is a London based agency, offering payment solutions and consulting to online merchants and eCommerce enterprises across all 'legal' industries. Armed with a decade worth of valuable experience in working with Global Clients and knowing the Ins-&-Outs of the Payment Processing Business, today, Radiant Pay is easily one of the leading solutions providers in the UK, European and Asian countries.We believe in staying ahead of the curve by staying abreast with technological advancements, legal frameworks and changing dynamics of businesses Worldwide. This outlook has helped us diversify our offerings to latest payment processing solutions and updated secure transaction methods. Our Clientele is not restricted to the size of enterprises, risk status or quantum of transactions. Our experts can deliver customised solutions for every type of Client and his eBusiness!

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